8th Albatross International Golf Championship 2016

8th Albatross International Golf Championship 2016

Venue: Classic Golf and Country ..more

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Ques: Who is eligible to participate in Albatross Collegiate Golf Tournaments?

Ans: Any golfer enrolled in any College can participate in our golf tournaments

Ques : How do I register for a tournament?
Ans : Register (free) as a new user at and submit entry form online. Entry fees are accepted online (only) via credit/debit card

Ques : How do I know my name is confirmed for an event?
Ans : Visit the website and click on view entry list on the main page. This list will show whether your online transaction was succesful by listing out your name. Subsequently, the tournament committee will screen each entry for acceptance. Final list of accepted entries can be view only once the draw is online.

Ques : How do I know when the next tournament is?
Ans : This information should be available on the Albatross web page under “announcements” or “tournament info”.

Ques: Does Albatross provide accommodation to participants from out of town?
Ans : Albatross may assist in locating accommodation but unless specifically intimated by the Tournament Committee, Albatross will not provide accommodation.

Ques : Will Albatross provide transportation from a hotel to the venue?
Ans : This depends on the event and the logistics of conducting a major tournament. Normally Albatross will not provide transport at an event.

Ques : Does Albatross have handicaps used as part of the competition?
Ans : Competitions are conducted by age group only. Handicaps are requested by the Committee to ascertain whether a perspective player has competency in the game. It is preferred that a child must have a certified handicap from their home club. In case the child is not a member of any golf club, she/he is welcome to participate in Albatross events. While Albatross endeavors to promote the game, it is also exists to protect it. Children without adequate skills severely slow down the game and are a major distraction for the other competitors. Simply, please ensure your child knows how to play before entering them in a competition